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            滄州??邓幱冒b有限公司建于2012年,是一家專業生產鈉鈣玻璃管制液體瓶,低硼硅管制液體瓶,低硼硅管制注射劑瓶,中性硼硅管制注射劑瓶,高硼硅玻璃管制瓶,藥用玻璃瓶, 化妝品瓶,塑料內托,針劑內托,口服液內托,鋁蓋,彩印紙盒,紙箱,各種規格品種齊全,可廣泛適用于生物制劑、血液制品、粉針劑等藥物及各種化妝用品的盛裝。同時可針對玻璃瓶進行絲印,燙金,電鍍,蒙砂,噴涂等深加工包裝。
      我公司技術力量雄厚,工藝設備先進,檢測系統完備,生產經驗豐富。公司現擁有ZP-18D型制瓶機36臺,吸塑機18臺,QTHL500型(一拖六)自動溫控隨機退火爐6座。每六臺制瓶機合用一座隨機退火爐,將生產的玻璃瓶直接進行退火、消除應力。經自動溫控隨機退火爐退火后的產品具有清潔度好,瓶體透亮,無任何斑點,理化性能強等優點。公司擁有低溫液氧儲罐和燃氣管道,氣源壓力穩定,制瓶機上的火焰噴頭氣壓平穩,燃燒均勻,便于生產調節。所生產的產品外觀造型美觀,光潔度好,規格精度高。于2014年獲得我國醫藥管理局《藥包材容器生產企業許可證》 公司以效的生產,先進的生產工藝,強大的供貨能力,優良的質量保障,完善的售后服務,本著:“質量頭籌,用戶至上,信譽為本”的經營宗旨,近年來,在“開拓、拼搏、進取”的??稻窦钕?,全公司干部職工艱苦創業,是我公司口服液瓶、抗生素瓶年產量超過6億支,針劑塑料內托,口服液塑料內托年產量超過10億個,居同類產品前列。


      Cangzhou Haikang pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is a professional manufacturer of sodium calcium glass controlled liquid bottles, low borosilicate controlled liquid bottles, low borosilicate controlled injection bottles, neutral borosilicate controlled injection bottles, high borosilicate glass controlled bottles, pharmaceutical glass bottles, Cosmetics bottle, plastic inner bracket, injection inner bracket, oral liquid inner bracket, aluminum cover, color printing paper box, carton, all kinds of specifications and varieties are complete, which can be widely used in the packing of biological agents, blood products, powder injection and other drugs and various cosmetics. At the same time, it can be used for screen printing, bronzing, electroplating, frosting, spraying and other deep processing packaging of glass bottles.
      Our company has strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment, complete detection system and rich production experience. The company now has 36 zp-18d bottle making machines and 6 qthl500 (one for six) automatic temperature controlled random annealing furnaces. Each six bottle making machines share a random annealing furnace, and the glass bottles produced are directly annealed and stress relieved. The product annealed by the automatic temperature control random annealing furnace has the advantages of good cleanness, transparent bottle body, no spots, strong physical and chemical properties, etc. The company has low-temperature liquid oxygen storage tank and gas pipeline, the gas source pressure is stable, the air pressure of the flame nozzle on the bottle making machine is stable, the combustion is even, and it is convenient for production adjustment. The product has beautiful appearance, good finish and high specification precision. In 2014, the company obtained the license of drug packaging material container manufacturing enterprise issued by China Pharmaceutical Administration. With effective production, advanced production technology, strong supply capacity, excellent quality assurance and perfect after-sales service, the company is based on the business tenet of "quality first, user first and reputation first",

       In recent years, under the encouragement of Haikang spirit of "pioneering, striving and enterprising", the cadres and employees of the whole company have made arduous efforts to start their own business. The annual output of our company"s oral liquid bottles and antibiotic bottles has exceeded 600 million, and the annual output of injection plastic internal support and oral liquid plastic internal support has exceeded 1 billion, ranking the top of similar products. The company has been adhering to the tenet of "actively dedicate to the pharmaceutical industry and ensure the safety of people"s medication", adhering to the business philosophy of "in a small space, in a short period of time, produce excellent products and provide perfect services for customers". Through constant exploration and precipitation, it has shaped a distinctive Haikang culture. In the big family of Haikang, the cultural connotation of "excellent, effective, innovative and united" has been gradually formed, and in line with the development concept of "people-oriented, building a harmonious society", on the one hand, the company has been constantly reforming and innovating, making excellent pharmaceutical glass packaging, ensuring the safety of drug use; on the other hand, it has been actively engaged in public welfare undertakings, making modest efforts for social development.

      The company with effective production, advanced production technology, strong supply capacity, excellent quality assurance, perfect after-sales service, in line with the business tenet of "quality first, customer first, reputation first", sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to visit! And sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life, hand in hand, create brilliant.